Spiral Jetty/Staying Local

Sometimes it is just nice to stay home.  As much as I love any weekend in the desert, occasionally a few calm days at home really hit the spot.  One great thing about Salt Lake is that there are amazing places to explore here in town.  

After some spring cleaning and furniture re-positioning (which made for a few new and exciting hiding places for Kenneth and Emmy) we decided to head out and check out the Spiral Jetty.  Located on the north side of the Great Salt Lake, the Spiral Jetty is an art project built in 1970  by Robert Smithson.  A 15' wide path of basalt rock extends from the shore and into the shallows of the lake.  It then spirals counter-clockwise in on itself - check it out here.  Depending on the current water level of the lake, the Spiral Jetty can either be fully submerged, completely dry, or just barley rising above the water.  On Saturday, it was totally dry and with our current snowpack, will likely stay that way for some time.

Salt Lake is a great place to call home.  With easy access to the mountains and the desert, there are a ton of opportunities for exciting activities.  From rock climbing to canyoneering to just plain checking out 1970's art installations that are visible from space (but really, what isn't visible from space these days?), there are a ton of options to explore and with a little extra planning, Kenneth and Ember can get out to enjoy the places that I love.

Now back to real life.  Hopefully I can make it to at least Tuesday afternoon before I start planning the trip next weekend...