Buck Canyon

Sunny skies and warmer temps have returned home. The start to the Spring 2016 catting season follows as well. we missed the red rocks and blue skies so it was decided that we would head back down to Robbers' Roost. 

Slot canyons can be tricky to find ideal temperature and weather conditions. Rain (really any form of precipitation) means a definite no-go for canyoneering. Cold temps could be harsh since you may find yourself in the shadows all day long. Anything too hot and dehydration and heatstroke could be a real concern (remember, it is the desert). 

We had pretty much ideal conditions for the trip down to Buck Canyon. A t-shirt and a hoody for skin protection left us comfortable in the shade and gave us some UV protection in the sun.  

With one rappel, this is deemed a technical canyon, but we found Buck Canyon to be incredibly straightforward and fairly casual. The entrance to the canyon was only a few hundred yards east of our campsite. After dropping into the canyon, we headed own a few hundred yards to the rappel. We got down the 60' drop without a hitch and continued through some incredible narrows. We were fearful that there might be some standing water in some of the narrow sections, but it seemed like the opposite was true! There were sections of the canyon which were entirely filled up with thorny tumbleweeds.  It definitely added a degree of difficulty to avoid these.

After a bit of hiking, the canyon opened up into a much wider riverbed full of vegetation. We followed the canyon down until the East Fork of Buck Canyon met up, and we took that fork back up towards the north. Once back on the rim, a quick overland hike and a few dips in and out of smaller canyons got us to the car. Beers and campfires led us to bed.