I get asked lots of questions almost every time people see the amazing places that Kenneth has visited.  Here are a few.  If you have any additional questions, please send them to zactamu@gmail.com

How do you keep them from running away?

They just don't run away.  I don't think that people ask this as often about dogs or other companions, but I do see where they are coming from.  The cats want to be around us and want to spend their time with us.  Kenneth is amazing about keeping within eyesight.  I can leave him off leash around camp and he will stay nearby, exploring the perimeters and checking in every now and then to let me know that everything is alright.

Do they actually like following you around everywhere?

Have you ever tried to make a cat do something that it didn't want to do?  They usually find how to get their way.  Kenneth and Ember and Millie really love spending time with us and I can tell that Kenneth and I have grown into a much closer relationship since we started spending so much time together outside.  I cannot wait to grow just as close with Emmy.

Where do they go to the bathroom?

The first few times took a little bit of searching.  Now Kenneth seems to have figured out that he can just dig a cat hole nearly anywhere.  Of course, he has to check a few spots first before he finds the place that is 'just right.'

How do you keep the cats safe while climbing?

We have a thorough checklist to make sure that all the cats are safe when climbing or in canyons or on any of our other explorations.  They have their harnesses which we constantly maintain and monitor and we have made sure to back up any potential weak points.  For example: the buckles that connect the harness around the cat have all been backed up with cord that we tie each and every time that we go out somewhere.  When climbing, they are connected to us with multiple full strength points and are never in danger of falling far.  Trust me, their safety is my top priority at all times, even at home.  I am glad that I have the knowledge, skills and expertise to allow them to explore as much as they can.  If your cat likes to explore and climb things at home, imagine a larger playground where they still feel safe, it is a blast!