Places to Return

Indian Creek, UT

Moe's Valley, UT 

Northeast Fork of Spur Canyon, Robbers' Roost, UT 

Three Finger Canyon, San Rafael Swell, UT 

Ibex, UT

Uinta National Forest, UT 

Moonshine Wash, Robbers' Roost, UT

Alcatraz Canyon, Robbers' Roost, UT

Buck Canyon, Robbers' Roost, UT


Kane Creek Canyon, UT

Little Wild Horse Canyon, UT

Stansbury Island, UT

Peek-a-boo and Spooky Canyons, Escalante, UT

City of Rocks, ID

Rochester Art Panel, Emery, UT

Angel Slot, North Wash, UT

Spiral Jetty, UT